Offence Against The Administration Law
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There are a number of offences against the Administration of Justice one could be charged with for failure to follow previous instructions, requirements or other court ordered actions. The most common of these offences include:

  • Failure to Appear in Court: Not appearing in court as ordered during criminal offence proceedings.
  • Failure to Comply with Bail Conditions: Not adhering to the conditions of release on bail.
  • Breach of Bail Conditions: Violating the conditions of bail, like committing additional crimes.
  • Failure to Comply with Court Orders: Not adhering to specific court orders, such as not having contact with the victim during the criminal proceeding.
  • Failure to Comply with Probation Conditions: Not following the terms and conditions of probation, like reporting to a probation officer or submitting to a drug test.
  • Beach of Probation Conditions: Violating the conditions of probation, such as committing criminal offences or leaving the area without permission.
  • Obstruction of Justice: Interfering in the investigation of a crime, providing false or misleading information to police, or withholding vital information or evidence.
  • Contempt of Court:Behaving in a disrespectful manner in a court of law.

Oftentimes, these secondary offences might seem like they would only be minor in nature. However, the courts and judges treat these offences very seriously. Quite frequently, the accused can face even more serious consequences, if convicted and found guilty, than their original criminal offence.

A conviction for offences against the Administration of Justice can make it even more difficult to secure and/or maintain existing bail. Some of the offences even carry mandatory minimum imprisonment periods and significant fines.

Fortunately, Jeffrey Gindin, Q.C. has experience with offences against the Administration of Justice and has assisted previous clients to have their charges reduced or dismissed.

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