Crimes of Violence
Criminal Defence Lawyer in Winnipega

Violent crimes are considered some of the most serious of criminal offences excluding murder and manslaughter. The latter two offences are very serious offences which are often handled differently. Some of the more common types of crimes of violence include:

  • Assault
  • Assault with a Weapon
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Criminal Harassment (Stalking)
  • Assault Causing Bodily Harm
  • Assaulting a Law Enforcement Officer
  • Uttering Threats

These offences can have very serious impacts on your life, which could include mandatory imprisonment, probation, restraining orders, and other restrictions, not to mention giving you a criminal record.

Due to the seriousness of the consequences, it is always in your best interests to consult with Winnipeg defence lawyer, Jeffrey Gindin, Q.C.

Why Is Uttering Threats Considered a Violent Crime?

Uttering threats is defined in the Criminal Code of Canada in Section 264.1, as follows:

Every one commits an offence who, in any manner, knowingly utters, conveys or causes any person to receive a threat

  • To cause bodily harm to any person;
  • To burn, destroy, or damage real or personal property; or
  • To kill, poison or injure an animal or bird that is the property of any person.

Since there is some type of violent act inferred through the threat, the law treats uttering threats as a violent crime.

Why Is Criminal Harassment Considered a Violent Crime?

Criminal harassment is defined in the Criminal Code of Canada in Section 264, as follows:

No person shall, without lawful authority and knowing that another person is harassed or recklessly as to whether the other person is harassed, engage in conduct referred to in subsection (2) that causes that other person reasonably, in all the circumstances, to fear for their safety or the safety of anyone known to them.

Since this criminal offence infers that the complainant could fear for their safety or the safety of anyone else they know, this is why it is considered a violent crime.

How a Criminal Defence Lawyer Helps You

There are certain circumstances under where you might have a defence to the charges. For example, self-defense, among other things. However, there is no guarantee the Court will come to the same conclusion.

Hopefully, you can see why it is best to consult with Jeff Gindin, Q.C. an experienced criminal defence lawyer. Mr. Gindin will work tirelessly to develop effective strategies that significantly increase the likelihood of having charges reduced, withdrawn or acquitted. Call now for a free consultation.