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Please complete the form below or call to schedule a free initial consultation and case review. Mr. Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C. has been practicing criminal law for nearly 50 years and offers a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We all know that criminal charges can be emotionally distressing and devastating. Mr. Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C. can help you fight your criminal charges. If you have been charged with a criminal offence, Mr. Gindin provides free initial consultations. Contact him to review your criminal case.

What’s Included in The Free Consultation?

  • Case review: review the accusations against you
  • Understand your situation: set realistic expectations
  • Discuss your options: actual legal advice and guidance
  • Legal costs: estimate your defence costs

The initial consultation will typically last about an hour. Please bring to the meeting any documents that may relate to your case including papers that may have been provided to you by the police when you were charged.

To speak directly with Mr. Gindin, call (204) 294-9317

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