Driving while Impaired or Over .08 is a very serious offence in Manitoba. If convicted after a trial, or you plead guilty, the consequences are quite severe. Here are some of the consequences:

1. A minimum fine of $ 1,000.00, which may increase depending on the reading.

2. A criminal record, not merely a Highway Traffic Act Record.  This may affect your ability to find a job, as most employers require a criminal records check.

3. Your licence will be suspended for a minimum of one year, or as much as five years. This is in addition to the automatic 3 month suspension imposed just upon being charged.

4. Your insurance premiums will increase.

5. You will have to install a vehicle interlock device at your cost for at least a year after your suspension is over.

6. You will be required to attend Alcohol Anonymous for an assessment before you can get your licence back. This is also costly.

7. Your vehicle may be impounded when charged, If so, you will have to pay towing fees and storage costs in order to retrieve it. This can take several months and can be quite costly.

8. Your ability to travel to the United States may be affected.

9. Depending on the circumstances of the offence and your past record, you may even be facing jail time.

10. If there is a death or bodily harm as a result of the incident, the jail sentence can be quite lengthy.

This is why it is essential for someone accused of a DUI in Winnipeg to retain the services of a qualified defence lawyer in Winnipeg. There could be certain defences that might be available to fight the charges. In other cases, procedural errors might pave the way for certain evidence to be omitted. These are just a few of the possible defence against DUI. Each person’s DUI charges vary and have their own unique circumstances.

If you, or a loved on has been charged with a DUI in Manitoba, please contact DUI criminal defence lawyer, Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C. at 204 294 9317 to request a consultation today.