Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C.
Defence Lawyer

Mr. Gindin has been practicing criminal law since 1971 and is highly regarded as one of the leading criminal defence lawyers in Manitoba and has handled cases throughout Canada.

Criminal Lawyer in Winnipeg

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Mr. Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C. is a founding member of GINDIN SEGAL Law, a highly experienced law firm, dedicated exclusively to the practice of criminal defence law.

Mr. Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C. and The Criminal Law Firm of GINDIN SEGAL Law represent you with energy, creativity, compassion and an undying commitment to your defence.

Why Choose Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C.

Why Choose
Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C.



Since 1971, Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C. has been practicing law as a criminal defence lawyer. He has appeared in several courts throughout Canada, including Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia, as well as the Supreme Court of Canada.



In addition to representing clients facing criminal charges, Mr. Gindin has taught criminal law courses including, trial advocacy, charter issues in criminal law and currently teaches Preventing Wrongful Convictions at the University of Manitoba Law School. He has been teaching law students since 1978.



On November 30, 2017, Mr Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C. received the award of merit from the criminal defence lawyers association for 46 years of excellence in the practice of criminal law in the province of Manitoba.

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  • Criminal Defence Lawyer in Winnipeg

    Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C. has dedicated his life to the exclusive practice of criminal defence and criminal law. He is a founding partner and practicing lawyer at one of the largest criminal law firms in Manitoba, which was established in 1995.

    Mr. Gindin utilizes his expertise, knowledge, and wisdom of criminal law with a savvy approach to help provide compassionate legal representation for each and every one of his clients. He understands the stresses his clients may feel when accused of a criminal offence.

    Mr. Gindin has made major contributions to the practice, study, and evolution of the criminal justice system and criminal laws. Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C. routinely travels to all courts in Manitoba, as well as Ontario and Saskatchewan. He has appeared in all levels of Courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

    His objective is to focus on his clients and make a difference for them using his extensive legal knowledge and expertise. About Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C.

Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C. works hard for his clients. I highly recommend him if you’ve been charged with a criminal offence.

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